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Batalyse Story

Evaluation of electrochemical test data can be time consuming. Every test device manufacturer have their own file formats and structures, and engineers can apply many different test methods. Eran and Markus were battery scientists at Fraunhofer, a research organization in Germany and had to evaluate tests manually for scientific publications and customers from industry.

From 2017 they decided to develop “Data Analysis”, with the target to have a universal software solution for evaluating electrochemical test data. When researchers asked them to add a further solution to connect the results with information about which components and materials were part of the test cell, they started the development of the database software “Collect”. Eran and Markus teamed up with their former students Josef Quan and David to accelerate programming and participated in various public research projects.

Additional target of the development was now to provide a solution for research data management for their own institute and for any imaginable research topic and data type. With the software “Mind”, a lab information and management system was added to document lab work, to save production parameters and to automate the reporting of test results. Mind links and synchronizes data and information from multiple databases, illustrates how work was done by process flow diagrams, displays raw and result data in the browser and provides an API to access the now structured data for AI and further applications.

In 2021, Eran and Markus founded “Batalyse” and completely switched from material research to automating data processing. Batalyse software modules are now used by battery cell/component/material manufacturers and R&D all over the world.


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Markus Hagen
Sales / Service / Co-Founder
Everything, but no coding
Eran Nave
CTO / Co-Founder
Lead Developer - Data Analysis
Joseph Quan Nguyen
Senior Programmer
Lead Developer - Mind
David Hui Shyan Lau
Senior Programmer
Lead Developer - Collect
Hyunwoo Cho
Senior Programmer
Developer - Mind

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Our target groups

Batalyse software is used in R&D, by cell/stack/component/material manufacturers and by QM.
Research and development

Automate your R&D and use Batalyse to perform time consuming data handling and processing.

Cell/stack manufacturers

Benchmark you cells/stacks. Link product, analysis and production data. Automate reports.

Battery/fuel cell material manufacturers

Benchmark your materials and components performance in batteries and fuel cells.


Compare test series. Is your (supplier’s) product quality stable?