Newsletter 08: Merge test files, dQdV, OPC-UA and more

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Our new Data Analysis version 2023-08 is officially released:… and we have many updates for Collect and Mind, too.


  • New diagrams: New/Improved OCV and pulsedVA, relative loss discharge and new comparison diagrams

  • Improved “Cycles to display” feature

  • Further improved “Merge” – Merge multiple files of the same test (cell) – especially helpful for Biologic users. Use the “shift time” checkbox to select your merge option. The feature now also work for test files with different file structure. 

  • Improved dQdV features – enter multiple voltage ranges, each with a to be defined minimal voltage. The smoothing method to be applied is still the same for all entries. 

  • Improved electrode thickness change evaluations

  • Improved/updated support for many cyclers e.g. Ivium, Biologic and further

  • Multiple bug fixes and support of new file structures


  • Added support for OPC-UA connections (in work)

  • Improved merge feature to reduce database entries 

  • Improved filter options – add multiple files and sort your tests with “><=” operators

  • Data standardization features (in work) – Standardize your test data to receive a uniform file structure independent of the cyclers you are using

  • User group management (in work) – Create user groups with individual rights. Add/remove users to these groups to manage their rights comfortably.


  • Display benchmark data of multiple cells and tests within your web browser and Mind

  • Added support for OPC-UA connections (in work)

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