Newsletter 09: Customize your graphs, extract information from Neware and Biologic test files and more

Data Analysis Collect Mind
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Our new Data Analysis version 2023-09 is officially released: Download “Data Analysis”
–> unzip –> drag and drop the .opx installer to Origin

… and we have many updates for Collect and Mind, too.


New diagrams – Volumetric capacity single test and comparison

Customize your result graphs
Select “graph control” tab and open “Graph customization”

  • Separated charge/discharge graphs – Separate your voltage, DVA, and waterfall graphs for individual charge and discharge plots.

  • Axis scaling – Customize your axis scaling. Options to set the voltage and capacity range were added.

  • Color settings – Customize the color of the discharge, charge, CE/EE/VE, and avg. voltage curves/symbols.

  • Curve line thickness and symbol size – Easily modify the line thickness and symbol size.

  • Improved axis labelling – Customize axis unit labelling. Easily comply with journal and other guidelines. 

  • Load “Origin Templates” – Use your indvidual fonts and graph settings by importing style settings from an Origin template.

  • Import parameters data from Neware test files automatically to Data Analysis and Collect: If your Neware test file includes the active material load and nominal capacity these values will automatically be transferred. (We can also add this for many other test devices. Please contact us). 

  • Improved “Skip” evaluation feature – especially in combination with the “Collect” monitor feature. If a test evaluation fails Origin instances will be closed.

  • “Merge” feature – Improvements for test files with different file structure

  • Improved/updated support for many cyclers e.g. Maccor, Neware, Chi760

  • Multiple bug fixes and support of new file structures


  • Improved support for many new file structures, test devices and for OPC-UA connections

  • User group management (available) – Create individual users or user groups with individual log-in passwords and rights. Manage file view and delete and access to settings permissions. – Take care that interns have no delete permissions and can only see their own tests: Collect-User Management 

  • Improved filter options – now also added for your comparisons

  • Data standardization features (available for testing) – Standardize your test data to receive a uniform file structure independent of the cyclers and test devices you are using

  • Calculator: Add your own formulas to perform calculations with your raw data 


  • Display data which was standardized in Collect by you

  • Improved support for OPC-UA connections

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