Create labels for your chemicals


During lab tours, you may observe chemical containers that are either unlabeled or only manually labeled with writing that quickly fades when exposed to solvents. This lack of proper labeling poses several issues: uncertainty about responsibility, unknown contents, age, and potential health or safety risks. It raises questions on how to handle the container and, if disposal is necessary, one faces the dilemma of either conducting a costly analysis of the chemical or paying a high fee for the disposal of an unidentified, potentially hazardous substance.

With the Batalyse-lab information and management system (lims), Mind, you can easily generate labels for your chemicals in various sizes. This system allows you to choose the information to include on the labels and customize it according to your university or company-wide standard.
The labeling feature becomes particularly robust with the Mind connection to the extensive chemical database PubChem. This connection allows for the automated import of chemical formulas, synonyms, hazard and precautionary statements, safety data sheets, and hazard symbols which can then also directly be used for your labels.

Please check this short video to see how you can create and print labels automatically with Batalyse – Mind:

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