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Data Analysis is a software for the analysis of electrochemical measurement data e.g. from batteries and fuel cells. Data Analysis imports the measurement data of any measuring device from your file system, SQL server or from Batalyse-Collect and evaluates them considering the specimen parameters and your settings. In combination with Collect, you can automate the evaluation, download result graphs directly, modify them and share them with your team. Sort and filter your tests for any applied materials, supplier or project.

The installation is done on a workstation within a few seconds in Origin. Your measurement data always remains under your control.

Data Analysis has been in international use for years and is used by material and cell manufacturers, R&D and the automotive industry.

With Data Analysis, you solve these problems

  • Data analysis is time consuming and costs an engineer up to 40% of his working time.
  • There are many different measurement methods, test plans, test equipment manufacturers and therefore different file structures and formats. This makes the collection and evaluation of test data complex and time consuming.
  • Test data clearly document the product quality, the development status and how promising a development is. In combination with material and process information, it is an absolute trade secret that can have a significant impact on the value of a company. It is therefore always a risk when data leaves the company’s own premises.¬†With Data Analysis, your data remains internal without access from third parties or us.

Data Analysis Features:

  • Evaluation of any cell chemistry
  • Evaluation of material tests, cells, stacks, modules and batteries
  • Supported measurement methods – cycling, CV, EIS, pulse tests, layer thickness measurements, gas analysis (e.g. DEMS)
  • Built-in support of numerous sample form factors (e.g. 18650 cell)
  • Input options for each individual cell component for material scientists
  • Batch evaluation – parallel evaluation of several measurements
  • Result diagrams in your preferred languages
  • Several dozen possible result diagrams, sorted and displayed according to your wishes
  • Automatic labeling of the diagrams (e.g. C-rate, power, …)
  • Measurement data import via local data storage devices, network or databases / SQL Server
  • Comparison of measurements and entire series of measurements
  • Customizable diagrams (title, axes, legend, …)
  • Interrupted measurements from multiple files can be easily repaired
  • Display and comparison of any cycles (e.g. voltage curves)
  • Automatic determination of nominal capacity
  • Parallel export of the diagrams as an image file (e.g. jpg) in the desired resolution
  • Parameters for test objects can be loaded for the same or similar test objects and do not have to be re-entered