Instruction/training management

Document lab, equipment and hazardous substance instructions with Batalyse Mind.

It’s always unfortunate when someone gets injured in the lab. However, it’s even more concerning when there’s no documentation to show that the person was properly authorized and trained to work with specific equipment, machines, hazardous substances or in a specific lab.

With Batalyse Mind, you can digitize and streamline the documentation process for instructions, helping to prevent such incidents.

With Mind‘s instruction management feature, you can control who is authorized to work with machines in the lab and who has received specialized training for handling hazardous chemicals. Amateurs are restricted from operating machines they haven’t been trained on, aiming to prevent injuries, harm to others, and damage to equipment or infrastructure. Your insurance coverage may only apply if all users of a device have been properly trained, and you can document this training. Mind allows you to digitize and accelerate this instructional documentation process.

When you’re responsible for a lab or machine, you likely need to train and instruct your colleagues before they can work with it. Typically, you’d print an Excel table with your colleagues’ names, then both you and they would sign it along with the date of the instruction.

With Mind, you can digitize this process:

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