Introducing new “Labs” category


Are you a scientist who feels more like an administrative worker?

Storing paper-based lab documents in Leitz folders may comply with official guidelines, but it often lacks practical benefits. Employees rarely refer to these documents regularly, at least in our experience.

Transitioning to a digitized lab offers numerous advantages. It allows for the automation and acceleration of tasks, streamlining workflows, and significantly enhancing efficiency.

  • Get an overview and locate your chemicals.
  • Manage machines, tools, and devices.
  • Easily access safety data sheets and other lab-related documents.
  • Identify and manage the lab coordinator and workers.
  • Document who is authorized to work in the lab.

Discover how you can benefit from Batalyse Lab Software “Mind” with this video!

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    Introducing new “Labs” category

    Manage all lab related documents, information, chemicals, devices, safety data sheets and staff.

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