KLIB – Batterieforum 2024, Berlin

Collect Data Analysis Mind
Batalyse contribution to the KLIB Batterieforum 2024

Batalyse participated at the KLIB – Batterieforum in Berlin, 2024.01.24-26.

Please find our talk and poster below.

Batalyse talk

Please download our talk here.

Batalyse poster

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    Interested in our product strategy and current work topics? Here you go.
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    Document lab, equipment and hazardous substance instructions with Batalyse Mind.
    5 min read
    Instruction/training management

    Digitize and accelerate the instructional documentation process for hazardous substances, equipment and labs.

    5 min read
    Manage your inventory by QR-codes

    With Batalyse Mind you can streamline your inventory management with QR-codes.

    5 min read
    Create labels for your chemicals

    Create labels for chemicals, machines and specimen automatically with Mind.