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Batalyse – Mind

Mind is a browser-based laboratory information and management system (LIMS) linking data, metadata and information from existing databases and Collect. Data can be visualized directly in the browser and result diagrams from Data Analysis can also be called up directly. 

LIMS Mind clearly documents “how” something was done in the lab/production by process flow diagrams and thus clearly presents information on used materials, process parameters, equipment, tools and entire process chains. 

Via an API, the complete information chain can be exported for internal or external customers or provided as training data for an AI. A roles and authorization management system determines who gets access to which data and information. Combined with Collect, data is structured and classified automatically.

With Mind LIMS, you solve these problems

  • Documenting individual work steps in lab books is time-consuming. By combining Mind and Collect, you can automate this digitally!
  • Without background information, test, production and analysis data are worthless. For the interpretation or exchange of measurement results, information must be available in as complete and structured a form as possible. Mind makes this information available in a clear manner!
  • Categorizing and linking information and data is time-consuming. With Mind and Collect you do it automatically!
  • There are an infinite number of devices, processes, materials and ways to link them. A regular database is usually too inflexible for this task. Mind was programmed for this challenge!
  • Employees usually perform tasks to create, document and classify data reluctantly or incorrectly. It is therefore important to automate these processes!

Mind features

  • Mind is independent of a subject area and can be used universally. Parameters and classifications can be created and chosen by the user
  • Process chains are dynamically created and visualized.
  • Existing databases can continue to be used and copied or synchronized in Mind. This includes, for example, personnel, material, hazardous material, warehouse or plant databases.
  • Documents of any format can be uploaded to Mind, e.g. technical specifications, protocols or reports or imported from Collect.
  • Access to the database is protected by a smart card or password.
  • A roles and permissions management system define read and write permissions depending on the task and hierarchy of employees. An administrator can further adjust the rights as needed.