The Batalyse software modules Data Analysis, Mind and Collect can be used independently, but together they develop their full strength.

Collect gathers your measurement, test, analysis production and sensor data from the network or by OPC-UA automatically. You define which user/group/department can access this data. By evaluating the file header, file name and data source, the data is automatically categorized so that you can quickly get your results via search and filter functions. Unlike specific competitor solutions, Collect can be used with all battery testers.

With Data Analysis you evaluate test data of batteries and fuel cells independent of the used test device and file structure directly from your file system or by accessing Collect or another inferior SQL database. Create result diagrams in multiple languages and and benchmark your materials, cells, stacks, modules and batteries.

Mind synchronizes and visualizes data and information with your existing databases and especially with Collect. Mind links your data and results with information on materials, processes and equipment used. The work you perform is automatically displayed in a process flow diagram, which you can also use to access all data and test results. A role and authorization system can be used to define who can access and edit which information. Via an interface, Mind can export data and information in a structured way and thus be easily optimized for use as a (training) database for AI. Optimize your processes and products with Mind and AI.

Batalyse-software suite

In combination, Data AnalysisMind and Collect can be used to automatically collect, to categorize and to supplement data with background information. Due to the test item parameters stored in the database, the evaluation is started automatically when the corresponding test item has been completely measured. All historical and currently running measurements can be evaluated manually by accessing Collect, e.g. during business trips, so that you are always up to date. 

Batalyse collects, categorizes, standardizes, links and analyzes your data/information automatically. 
Refine your data and thus enable the use of AI to optimize your processes and products!