Newsletter 2024 #03: 3D diagrams, lab management, graph customization

Collect Data Analysis Mind

Our new Data Analysis version 2024-04 is officially released:

Download “Data Analysis” →  unzip →  drag and drop the .opx installer to Origin

Please also update Collect (→ v03.07.2024) and Mind (→ v01.07.2024).

If you have any questions or feedback we are looking forward to your mail or Microsoft Teams message.

Thanks for your time and for reading/updating!

Data Analysis

  • New graph customization option #1:  Select individual color for Voltaic and Energy efficiency and adjust efficiency axis range(s) and increment(s)
  • New graph customization option #2:  (De)Acitvate graph gridlines
  • Coin cells (CR1616 and CR2032) added to the Cell format section
  • File name is now displayed in Collect monitor
  • Password entry in Data Analysis to connect to Collect is by default hidden
  • Improvements and bug fixes with the Data Analysis continue import function in combination with our Collect database software.
  • Improvements for EIS analysis:
    • x/y axis now have the same scaling
    • Curves have different color
    • Resistance is now normalized to electrode area if added in dialog
  • Reference electrodes
    • New reference electrode result dQ/dV graphs
      • WE-RE voltage at x and y axis
      • CE-RE voltage at x and y axis
    • You can now also directly assign your test file columns when working with Biologic mpr files. Please update your mpr connector to the latest version.
  • New support for Galvanostatic intermittent titration technique (GITT) tests
  • Added support for Battery Dynamics test devices
  • Improved support for Neware, Astrol, Ivium, Maccor and Nanocycler test devices

  • Data Analysis v2024-04 uses a Python package to accelerate the upload of results to Batalyse Collect database. This is only relevant for you if you use both Data Analysis and Collect. Please accept the installation of the Python package in that case.

Batalyse Collect logo, software for reasearch and QM data management


  • Improved file monitoring (import from your local network)
    •  Tests that are still running are better recognized.
  • Extended support to import new file formats, including very large test files > 100 MB
  • Collect now standardizes all date and time information for any test device to this format to improve your sorting and filtering options. This also includes updating the date format for existing files in Collect.
  • New quick filter bars added for Specimen and Test/process plan libraries.
  • Want to share test series information or provide supporting information for a publication? Use this new feature to create a zip archive! Please check this video for more information:  Collect-Share Zip
  • The new Import Specimen feature allows you to easily upload your local Data Analysis JSON specimen parameter files to Collect, eliminating the need to reenter them manually.  (JSON supported from Data Analysis version 2023-01)
  • We have improved the schedule evaluation feature.
  • Previously, selecting multiple tests from different Collect pages was not possible. Now it is!
  • The test file name is now displayed when you view the raw data.
  • By selecting the respective button in the Standardized Data column, you can now view the standardized data table along with the formulas you used.
  • Units of your specimen parameters are now displayed
  • Bug fixes
    • Missing entry in column „Project name“ fixed


  • 3D diagrams – initial support added: Visualize test series data: Select a cycle range, a material property of your cell (e.g. binder fraction in working electrode) and an electrochemical performance parameter (e.g. Discharge capacity).
  • Manage your inventory by adding the amount of a product and by selecting a unit.
  • The “Products” table now displays hazard symbols, and you can directly access both your individual supplier’s and PubChem’s safety data sheets via your web browser.
  • Enter the amount of a product you used/produced in a process
  • Selection of a product in a process (chain) is now done via a table with many filtering options
  • Track Green House Gas emission – initial features added.

Thanks for your time and interest.

We look forward to your feedback!

Your Batalyse team

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    Newsletter 2024 #03: 3D diagrams, lab management, graph customization

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