Project “Automate” funded by the Länd

Collect Data Analysis Mind
Batalyse integrates redox flow battery and electrolysis, fuel cell support and works to implement a product passport.

Batalyse is glad to start the “BW-Invest” project “Automate” (09.2023 – 02.2025), supported by #the Länd Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Tourismus Baden-Württemberg.

In the project Batalyse will focus on product passports for fuel-cells, electrolysis and redox-flow batteries and will automate all corresponding data gathering, categorization, evaluation, management and reporting.

We will publish work results continuously in our news – blog.

If you work with redox flow batteries, electrolysis and fuel cells we look forward to cooperating with you!

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    Highly customizable alert feature available! Set individual alerts for specific electrochemical tests, or create global alerts that apply to all tests.

    Collect Data Analysis Mind
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    New features and improvements for Data Analysis, Collect and Mind

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    Introducing new “Labs” category

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