Supporting data for scientific publication

Collect Data Analysis

⌛ The publishing process demands significant time and effort from you.

🖇 As the importance of “data” continues to grow, many journals now require the inclusion of raw data, result data, and parameters alongside your manuscript.

📈 Introducing Batalyse Data Analysis: your reliable tool for assessing electrochemical data.

🕵‍♂️ With our database software, Collect, you can efficiently manage your data and automate the evaluation of your electrochemical tests.

🗄 Moreover, when you’re ready to publish your findings, you can conveniently select each test used in your manuscript and instantly download a zip file. This file contains all the necessary components: raw test data, result graph images, result data tables, specimen parameters, and an Origin project file. This Origin project file preserves all graphs and data in an editable format.

Even if publication isn’t your immediate goal, you can still utilize this feature to share individual datasets with fellow scientists or customers.

🎥 Discover how this feature works in our brief video demonstration:

Discover how this feature works in our brief video demonstration:

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